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Do you have a tree on your property that is rotting? You should have a trained tree trimming expert remove the tree from your yard before it infects surrounding trees and foliage or, worse, falls and damages your home or hurts someone. Whether you have a diseased tree or a fallen tree on your property, Thornton’s Tree Service can handle the problem.

We’re a cut above the rest

Why take on the backbreaking labor of cutting down a tree yourself when you can have a professional remove the tree for you?

Our services include:
Removing dead or diseased trees to prevent spread to other trees and foliage.
Cutting down trees and removing them with cranes and premium tools.
Making sure your yard stays in good condition while removing the trees.

Remove dead trees and beautify your yard with help from Thornton’s Tree Service.
Call 325-677-TREE (8733) to schedule an appointment.

More About Us

Thornton’s Tree Service has the skill and power to remove even the most difficult trees using our wide range of equipment. We can successfully complete tree work in yards with extensive landscaping without disturbing the surroundings. We are fully insured and look forward to working with you!

We Use and Own The Following Equipment:

We Use and Own The Following Equipment:

  • 5 Chippers
  • 4 Stump Grinders (2 are remote control)
  • 6 Chipper Trucks
  • 1 Bucket Truck
  • 1 Grapple Truck
  • 126 Ft. Crane
  • 148 Ft. Crane
  • 1 Forestry Mower
  • 1 4WD Manlift
  • 5 Trailers




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