Cozy Up to a Fire Fueled by Thornton's Firewood

Learn about our firewood for sale in Abilene, TX

Whether you’re burning wood in a fireplace, a stove or an outdoor oven, you need high-quality firewood from Thornton’s Tree Service. We sell perfectly seasoned firewood that is great for any occasion. If you’re looking to stock up on firewood in Abilene, Texas for the upcoming months, call us for more information.

For pricing on our high-quality firewood, call us today at 325-677-8733.

Types of Wood

Don’t buy just any firewood. If you don’t buy firewood from a professional supplier, you could end up with wet or rotting wood. Call Thornton’s Tree Service to purchase the best quality firewood in Abilene, Texas. Here are a few types of wood that we offer:Oak: Oak is a dense hardwood that has the perfect moisture content to create a long-lasting fire. It gives off more heat than softer woods, making it a perfect heating alternative to save energy in the cooler months.

Mesquite: Great for campfires, this hardwood will burn for hours. If you love to BBQ, mesquite will give your meat a unique flavor that’s sweet, smoky and irresistible.

Pecan: Perfect for a fireplace, pecan has a light and pleasant odor reminiscent of toasted pecans and vanilla that will linger in your home for hours. Pecan firewood produces less heat, so it’s great for smoking meats low and slow.

Mixed: Mixed firewood is great for any occasion! Use mixed firewood for bonfires, wood-burning ovens or stoves and fireplaces.

To learn more about our firewood for sale in Abilene, Texas, call Thornton’s Tree Service at 325-677-8733 today.