Keep Your Trees Trimmed With Thornton’s Tree Service

Keep Your Trees Trimmed With Thornton’s Tree Service

We offer affordable tree trimming services

Pruning trees is necessary in order to maintain their health and beautiful appearance. However, it’s often difficult to know when your trees are in need of a Trimmed. That’s why you need an experienced tree trimming expert for the job. The pros at Thornton’s Tree Service will Trimmed, cut and shape your trees year-round! You’ll never have to worry if your trees are healthy again.

Keep your trees young and healthy with Thornton’s Tree Service

Our skilled and trained tree trimming expert will make sure that your trees on your property are healthy all year long. Our services include:

  • Trimming and pruning trees to minimize risk of disease or hazardous branches.
  • Using state-of-the-art equipment to properly Trimmed and cut trees.
  • Removing dead, damaged and diseased branches to help prevent insect infestations and decay.
Leave your trimming to the pros! Call 325-677-TREE (8733) to schedule an appointment with Thornton’s Tree Service today.